SPANAKOPITA Spinach, Mytzithra and Feta Cheese in Baked Filo.            1 @ $6.00

TIROPITA Mytzithra and Feta Cheese in Baked Filo.            1 @ $6.00

PRASSOPITA MARIA Leaks, Onion, Ground Beef and Pork, Kefalograviera Cheese Baked in Filo.            $8

SAGANAKI Kefalograviera Cheese Sauteed in Virgin Greek Olive Oil, with Pita and Lemon. (no flames)            $11

BOOYOURDEE Baked Greek Feta and Kasseri Cheese with Peppers, Tomato and Spices, with Pita.            $12

GRILLED OCTOPUS Grilled Octopus on a Open Flame with Lemon and Then Served with Skordalia, Pita and Fresh Lemon.            $20

DOLMADES 3 Greek Style Stuffed Vine Leaves with Pork, Beef, Basmati Rice and Spices and Avgolemono.            $9

LOUKANIKO Greek Style Sausage, with Orange Peal, Served with Mustard.            per link.            $6

FALAFEL (6) Served with Tzatziki.            $8

SALMON 4 oz. Wild Caught Atlantic Salmon Grilled Filet.            $7

DRUNK SHRIMP (6) Sauteed in Oil, Garlic, Cajun Spice, Honey and Wine.            $12

COCONUT SHRIMP (6) Served with Red Hot Chili Sauce.            $12

MUSSELS MAKRIGIALO Served with Baguette for Dipping.            1 lb. $16

SCALLOPS PAN SEARED            (3)  for  $12

STUFFED BAKED SHRIMP Shrimp Stuffed with Crab Meat and Served a Ia Carte.            (2)  for $12

MARYLAND CRABCAKE Sauteed Crab Cake with Tzatziki.            each            $8

SESAME FETA Baked Greek Feta Cheese in Virgin Oil, with Honey Balsamic and Sesame Seeds and Then Served with Pita Bread.            $8

CHEESE PITTA FLAT BREAD ALA GRECK Baked with Vlahotiri, Mytzithra, Roasted Tomatoes & Mushrooms on 7” Pita Bread.          $12

TZATZIKI,   2 oz.  $1.50            Grilled Pita            $1.25            Add a Side Dish            $3.50


Greek Style Chicken Wings Have

Arrived in North Port, Florida.

That’s Right! Another FIRST!

Greek Style Chicken Wings    (6) for $7   or    (12) for $13